Sunday, February 16, 2014

Permanently Remove Browser Hijacker Virus

It is no doubt that your computer is infected with a browser hijacker virus when you are always redirected to Sometimes, it will cause some errors in your browser and disconnect your Internet connection. Today, this post will help you remove this browser hijacker and fix your browser.

Where is from?

Usually, is attached by its maker to some questionable programs that you download from the network freely. And when you open some email attachments from unknown source, you will meet with such bothersome browser hijacker. It is a suggestion that you scan these doubtful resources by your antivirus before you decide to inject them into your machine.

What Is is a browser hijacker which disguises as a search engine to play havocs with variant browses such as IE, Chrome and Opera. This type of redirect virus is programmed to promote some websites created by disclosed third parties. When you make use of this fake search engine to search videos, news or other messages, this browser hijacker not only causes redirections but also gathers searching items. Then this pesky hijacker modifies your search results so as to mislead you into some unverified websites. Regarding the collected search items, it will be transmitted by this virus to sponsors. Sometimes, in order to collect a plenty of profitable information, keeps an eye on your traces on the Internet secretly.

As an extremely dangerous virus, can be viewed as a big threat to your Windows operating system too. It is able to generate many junk files every day, which will reduce lots of system resources and lower computer performance. As a consequence, your browser as well as your computer runs weirdly and gets stuck easily. What is more, there is a possibility that your PC would be infected with extra parasites because of the existence of this malicious hijacker. Thus, before this hijacker puts you in a bad condition, you should get rid of in no time.

Easy Way to Remove from Your Computer

Step 1: Terminate the process of

Right click on the Taskbar and select Start Task Manager. In the Processes tab to find out the process of and click End Process button.

Step 2: Remove additional unwanted programs from your browser and set it back

For Google Chrome

1. Click the icon that looks like a spanner and navigate to Tools > Extensions to remove all unknown extensions by clicking Bin button.

2. Click the icon that looks like a spanner and click Settings > Appearances > Show Home button > click Change button to reset your homepage.

For Mozilla Firefox
1. Click Ctrl+Shift+A at the same time to open Add-ons page > Extensions to remove all unknown extensions.

2. Click the Firefox button > Help > Troubleshooting Information > click on Reset Firefox button.

For Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools > Manage Add-ons > Toolbars and Extensions to remove all unknown extensions.

2. Click Search Providers, delete from IE.
3. Click Tools > Internet Options > General. And create a new homepage on Home page box.